Our Father
Neil Gatland, 18/06/2017
Nehemiah #10 - Feast of Booths
Ben Martin, 11/07/2017
Nehemiah #9 - Ezra Reads The Law
Craig Gale, 04/06/2017
Lessons From The Prophets #11 - The Lesson of Perseverance
Nick Peebles, 28/05/2017
We are going to spend this summer in the Psalms. Each week, we have invited two members of the church (who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to speak) to come and share from their experience of a particular Psalm.

CAP Money Courses

2 CAP logo376ecMONEYcourse

CAP Money is a simple, yet highly effective money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a cash-based system that really works. This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can save, give and prevent debt. 
BFC has partnered with Christians Against Poverty to offer CAP Money courses in our community. The service we offer is completely free.

Call the Church Office on 01403 786706 or email to find out when the next course is running near to you.

Visit to find out more about the course and to see where courses are running in other parts of the country.

'Thank you so much for all your help.  We are sure the CAP Money system will really help us in the future' -a BFC CAP Money Graduate...


'We are really happy with the CAPP system. It really is very good and it is a good feeling when you are on top of your money and know where you are with it (even if it is knowing how little you have sometimes, haha).
It took a while for us to get it all up and running as the bank messed up with setting up our new accounts, so we really only started using the system this month, but it is amazing how much we're getting out of it already.

We've adapted it slightly to suit our own needs and are getting along very well. Thank you for your help! xx.'  -Another CAP Money Graduate...



We were recently visited by George Mullen from CAP who gave an excellent sermon on Matthew 25:35-40 and the history of CAP.

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Sue Gatland, 18/11/2012

BFC Family Night
8:00pm Thursday 29 June, Billinghurst Centre
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 2 July, Billinghurst Centre
Prayer Meeting
7:30pm Sunday 2 July, Billingshurst Centre
Rainbow Toddlers
10:00am Monday 3 July, Billingshurst Conference Centre