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Street Pastors

We have recently started a Street Pastors Newsletter, it shares upcoming events, prayer points and testimonies. The most recent edition featured a great testimony from Alice. I have shared it below.

As a Street Pastor I have realised I feel closer to God, before we go out we pray for conversation and guidance in the situations we come across often we are greeted by people who are inquisitive about what we do.  So we explain and the response is amazing, we usually either get asked what we do and why or the conversion will be diverted in another direction which is always fine too.

As Street pastors we have a lot of respect and I genuinely believe that our presence makes people feel safer and more secure.  Sometimes we are an ear for someone or a shoulder to lean on.

I feel proud to be part of the Billingshurst Street Pastors, I feel like I am a part of a big family.  I feel that myself and as a team we help people just by being there, and when we talk to others we can ease their grief in some cases even if it's for a little, or answer those niggling questions. We try our best to advise and guide and hope that whomever it is maybe takes away something from the conversion, a lot of the time we spend laughing and socialising with the local people and we always laugh when we get car toot with a get in "Street Pastors Respect!!"  Makes us feel special.

-Alice Harrison

Hopefully you will have picked up on the fast that the Street Pastor patrols are now listed on the church calendar and in the notice sheet, we would love your support in prayer while we are out.

If you would like to pray for our Street Pastors (Chris, Alice, Ben and Prayer Partners Sue, Mark and Val.) please see below:

  • Pray for safety when going out.
  • Pray for good and godly conversations.
  • Pray for God’s guidance in where to go when out.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will be with us, guiding us and shining out at all times! Let us be a light for Jesus in our village.
Please also 'like' us on Facebook.

If you would like to join this Newsletter please contact Sue at the church office.

Telephone: 01403 786706

Carols Celebration
10:00am Sunday 17 December, Billinghurst Centre
Rainbow Toddlers
10:00am Monday 18 December, Billingshurst Conference Centre
Elders and Wives meeting
8:00pm Friday 22 December, TBC
NO Sunday Celebration
Sunday 24 December, Billinghurst Centre